This portal is for students, faculty, resource persons and collaborating institutions of the Masters in Development Practice (MDP) being conducted at the University of Peradeniya. This program was developed by the University of Peradeniya and the Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology (FECT) as the main partners. The other partners included the Earth Institute at Columbia University and the Maldivian Ministry of Environment to whom FECT acted as the liason. This programme is supported by MacArthur Foundation, Chicago as a node of a global network of 22 Universities that are offering MDP. The Global Master's in Development Practice Secretariat, based at Columbia University's Earth Institute coordinates this  network. The MDP curriculum draws from a range of disciplines across the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Management. In addition, the programme at Peradeniya has a focus on Southern Asia, the sustainable development of tropical coastal areas and small islands, adapting to climate change and disaster risk management. 

In this portal, there are pages (linked to the top menu bar) which provides resources on the above topics and more. Links for detailed information about the MDP program  at Peradeniya and internationally are provided on the left hand side panel along with links to the partner organzations on the right hand side panel. Also find below some quick links to printable summaries of the FECT contribution. Further printable material is included in other pages shown in the top menu. 

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