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Maps and Data

This site contains a collection of Maps and Data, that will be useful for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. 

Interactive maps allows you to create your own custom maps of Sri Lanka, using various data layers.

There is a vast array of maps related to reconstruction, damage and destruction caused by the tsunami, maps on relevant seasonal information including climate, and extensive background maps of Sri Lanka with key social indicators.

The satellite map section acts as a portal to a large repository of satellite maps before and after the event, including estimates of inundation and damage. Some maps are useful to identify the changes to the coastline. The data section is a portal to data related to damage caused by the tsunami, and other important statistics available from a myriad of sources. Please note that this section will be expanding in the coming weeks with more links. Charts & graphs is a starting point to visualizing some of the data available.

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Tsunami Damage Maps   January Seasonal Maps & Info
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