Decadal Sea Level Rise Projections (2016 onwards)

Sea level observations from tide gauge and satellite based altimeters shall be used along with coral based paleoclimate records in this region to visualize the stochastic features of the rise of sea surface levels in the next 20 years if our proposal on this topic is granted.


Satellite Rainfall Monitoring Tool (2016)

The satellite based rainfall estimates developed by Michael Bell and Lareef Zubair at Columbia University for the Maldives are being to Maldives. We shall undertake validation of the 15 years of rainfall history over the region.


Climatological Analysis (2016)

Monthly climate analysis from ground and satellite observations were completed. The climate here informs the climate across the Lakshadweep, Chagos and Maldives Ridge. Studies of the influences of ENSO and MJO are being carried out.