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Tropical Climate Research And Its Application Around The Indian Ocean

This is portal to our work on Climate, Environmental and Information Technology Research and Its Use around the Tropical Indian Ocean. We do work in related research areas such as hydrology, oceanography, remote sensing, geo-informatics and on the social sciences pertaining to technology and environment. We work substantially in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Comoros and Botswana, with contributions in Southern India and emerging work in Thailand and Seychelles through multi-country or pan-Indian Ocean projects. We have worked in water resources, public health, disaster risk management, agriculture, coastal zone management, and wildlife sectors. Ours is a non-profit consortium driven by excellence in research and service to societies and the environment and registered in Kandy and New York.

Hazard and Climate

The project goals were assess drought, and flood hazard risk using climate, terrestrial and societal information.

Project Goals

To develop operational drought, flood and landslide hazard assessments using climate, terrestrial and societal information and to assess drought, flood and landslide risk more reliably in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Key Information Resources

Assessing disaster hazards project flyer

Project Update at National Academy of Sciences

Climate and Tea

This is a collaborative initiative between Foundation for Environment, climate and Technology and University of Peradeniya which aims to assess the impacts of climate on the Tea Plantation System in Sri Lanka, with the focus on the impacts on the tea production, yield. This is a one-year project sponsored by the Dilmah Conservation.

Tea sector Data for Climate Analysis

Metadata on availability of data for the tea sector and from plantations Compilation of available and essential tea related data.

Climate Impacts on Tea

Statistical analysis to assess climate impacts on tea production yield and price/quality

Climate data for Tea Sector Needs

Metadata on availability of climate and environmental data for the tea regions.

Drought and Climate Change

To develop operational state of the art drought assessments using climate information, and to assess the climate change impacts on drought risk in Sri Lanka and the Maldives more reliably in the next decades.

Project Link

Partnerships For Enhanced Engagement In Research (PEER)